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DareRing Kissing

Well you lose some and you win some. This gals didn’t know in what they were getting in on this DareRing game. They heard this was a fun game so they thought to try it out and ended up loosing. So they had to make out right there in front of everyone. Although at first they didn’t want to, they’ve ended up kissing passionately right there. Well rest assured that they sure caught the attention of everyone around the room and it seems that they were showing no signs of stopping anytime soon either. Just sit back and enjoy the view of some sexy and horny teens getting to be naughty with one another as they manage to tease all the guys around them.

They met with some friends and they place for a game night. When the gals organized it all they were thing about an innocent board game not truth or dare of worst, strip poker. But the guys had other plans and made sure they got what they want. They proposed a game of truth or dare and of course their first dare ring was for two of the gals to kiss and as you can notice everyone took the game extremely serious. Not as serious as these two though, because as you can clearly see, they went full French kissing on this part. Either way, have fun with this sizzling hot lady on lady action and do come back again next week for another new and fresh update. We’ll be back then!


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